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Aloha and Welcome to moneytree_icons. This is the icon journal of simple_addict, me! I'm not very good so I will accept comments on my skills *wink*. Also I use PS7 and PSP8 when creating my icons.

1. In order to view you must join the community.

2. You need to credit me when using my icons... if not I will hunt you down. All you have to do is credit moneytree_icons or simple_addict it's that easy.

3. Not Hot Linking. Please upload on to your own server.

4. Comment when taking icons so I know who you are.


Special Thanks To the Following||

Brushes, Textures, and Icon Tutorials:
Special Thanks to teh_indy, foriconsake, hanako_lovely, _kali_,
icons_with_love, jenniepennie, pekeana, soaked

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